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Fence New Brunswick's Highways! this site is aimed at whatever party is in power in this Province to get them to erect wildlife fencing. I have dealt with the PC's and the Liberals. Now Brian Gallant and the Liberal Party are no longer in control.

January 15, 2019 im the only person who cares about this issue, it's sad. I haven't updated in awhile as im a busy stay at home father. Brian Gallant resigned. Blaine Higgs is the new premier

This site is intended to get the message across to the Province Of New Brunswick and its leaders to realize the Vehicle/Moose Collision's happening here. It is a deadly problem and something has to be done to solve this. If we all work together, something can happen, and innocent lives will be saved. Right now as of January 15th, 2019 my concern is Highway 11 in the north particularly Belledune to Campbellton. that stretch of Highway is Deadly! They have constructed Moose warning signs but thats not enough. HIGHWAY 11 HAS HAD 11 DEATHS since the year 1999. I have facts in my timeline to account for all these deaths, now this is 10 deaths in 20 years but thats not counting all the collisions and near deaths Highway 11 has seen. This area has been the worst for moose/vehicle collisions!! a man was killed when he collided with a moose near the osprey truck stop on highway 11 in the north right near the exit to Dalhousie!!!! this furthers my case that this area needs fencing ASAP!!!!! whether its in the north or the center of the province on highway 11. FENCING NEEDS TO BE ERECTED! WAKE UP YOU POLITICIANS! 1 MORE DEAD PERSON!!!!!THIS IS JUST THE LATEST TRAGEDY ON HIGHWAY 11. my work has saved lives on our highways, I'm very proud of that.


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OLD UPDATE from 2017-2018 below, but Last Updated January 15, 2019. my site is going to go through a complete overhaul in every section of the site which needs updating, i'm quite busy with other things (A 3 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER)Dec 1,2017 my then 2 yr old daughter was diagnosed with central diabetes insipidus, while doing an MRI of her brain they discovered she has a cancerous brain tumor, so this is driving me crazy, my kids are my world, this has been hard on us, but especially me as I take stuff hard. my 6 yr old son is in good health),i tweeted the premier, Blaine higgs, David coon, the NB liberal and PC parties to see if there was some way the province could help us out financially, Eventually Gallants secretary forwarded my email to the minister of health who replied a week later, he didnt write the letter, his secretary did, he let us know there maybe some options, depends....anyhow, but did I hear from Brian Gallant? Nope, thats the kind of leader we want,???well its election time in sept. Fracking got him in in 2014. What's he gonna get reelected on this year? If he does? Anyhow I firmly believe that Brian Gallant is a cold person to ignore my letter to him.?..hashtag #prayforsierra on February 9th the neurologist did a crainiotomy on her, brain surgery, a 7 hour surgery, she came out with a huge cut into her head, but I can say as of today March 10th its healed very nice, and her hair is growing back where he had to shave it, we had to wait for the pathologist to run tests on the sample he took from the stock of her pituitary gland, February 19 we got the diagnosis, its a rare form of cancer, its called LCH for short, I cannot remember the long word it was, but its treatable and they said its ultimately curable, but she needs chemotherapy once a week for at least 6 weeks, go back to the IWK in that time for another sedated MRI snd see if the chemo shrank the tumor or if it has grown. that date is the week of april 9th its cancer in some places, but other places might not call it cancer, still this is hell for my wife and my son and I shes 2 years and 6 months but has no clue whats going on. Through it all when her eyes were swollen shut, she never panicked, when I would cry, shed tell me that its ok daddy, daddy its ok, how sad is that?? Shes going through all this and shes telling me its ok??? poor thing. She has to take steroids several times a day, antibiotics to prevent infection, DDAVP for her central diabetes insipidus and chemo once a week in Bathurst, plus she takes a naseau medication so the chemo dont make her sick, all this throughout the day, if she gets sick or has a fever she needs to go to the hospital right away. Shes got to be careful. now shes 2 and a half years old and has all this, its heartbreaking, i cry and cry all the time...I'm sick with a lot, but shes that young dealing with all that, plus she had surgery before we left the IWK hospital to put a portacath in her upper right rib. By her collar bone, this is a direct line in her jugular vein that goes to her heart its under the skin but they can access it with a needle to give her her chemo or to take blood, she needs weekly blood tests to check her sodium levels,we put numbing cream on first so it dont hurt when they access it, but u can tell she has something there, theres a bump in her skin. A painful reminder of what she has.....why does this have to be my 2 yr old girl????take me god!!!!! Give it to me. Augh!!!!!!!!! I'll give my life for her to be ok!!! Take my heart, my lungs, all that u gave me, I'll give it all for her to be ok. Take me out!!!! Let my daughter live and be ok. Its like that Tim McGraw song 'take the very breathe you gave me, take the heart from my chest, I'll gladly take her place if you'll let me make this my last request, take me out of this world. But please.......don't take the girl!' ugh sad sad mad mad sad i lost my grandmother to lung cancer, june 10th 2017, so im still dealing with that, cause we were so close and for other reasons, obviously my family comes first, in my life but this is still a number 1 priority in my mind, so bear with me, im dealing with a lot right now depression is getting me bad,PTSD,severe social anxiety,every kind of anxiety, through the roof I'm slipping through the cracks of the terrible healthcare system in this province healthcare and education in this province is a joke, ministers who know nothing about there departments, why should they? There ordinary everyday people who ran in the provincial election, won and became a minister, its like gallant being premier, he joined the liberal party in 2012, became leader, and 2 years later hes elected as premier, so hes got 5 years experience in politics, and hes the leader???? Theres people in the legislature since the june 1999 election, and they have to call this 35 yr old boss, or honorable, or sir, I'm the same age, I dont like being called sir, or all that, call me that when I'm 50!? Its funny, get the title honorable, that dont make sense, judges, people who have high positions and worked hard to earn that title are honorable, so whoever he appoints as minister suddenly becomes the honorable...? Yeah ok, ridiculous, speaker of the house wears his dress and hat, ridiculous, anyhow this sept new election I imagine Trudeau will show up to campaign for gallant again like he did in 2014, (he was in edmundston march 22 2018, so its starting already) if hes not in some pride parade..the GNB is a joke, my family had lots of help financially from people, people have been very generous NOT ONE WAS A POLITICIAN u will never see a generous politician, not in this province...ANYHOW..! For some reason sometimes there is like a gray or white color going over my txt or taking over my background. I apologize for it, idk why its doing this I think its a tripod ad that's causing it. Its making my txt hard to read I tried and tried to find the source but I think its an automatic tripod ad. , but I can't get rid of it.sometimes its there, sometimes it isn't, but its irritating,. I apologize for it. JUNE 2018- well my daughter is doing great shes receiving chemo and steroids, and is responding well to it all.... we're over the shock of it, but its still hard to say that she has cancer....shocks me everytime!! gees. so hopefully when we go back in august for another MRI its shrank alot more or the tumour is gone altogether.....we're praying!!!!

my email is -at one time it was but that address I don't use anymore after a server crash in 2007 where i had to renew my domain, so if you do a look up it says i registered in early 2007. but in actuality i first had it registered in early 2003.. And my twitter is @cliffdimerandy and over 18,000+ Youtube followers. reach me through these 2 ways. My page is best viewed with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.