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Sept.20th, 2007

My first petition was succesful ( and this site (after nearly 4 years online) as was my campaign to make the people in power wake up and realize what is happening here. construction started in June 2007 and it continues. so far they have announced a somewhat small area of fencing to be erected and I have seen it going up with my own eyes. I thank God that I was able to get out there and raise awareness so the people of New Brunswick can feel safer, This is a deadly issue, The province is waking up and seeing that we the people demanded something be done and slowly things are getting done. this petition and had alot to do with the Governments decision. I can't take all the credit, a few other people have voiced there concern and there opinion and done what they had to do to make the Government hear there voices. We all did it together. Now New Brunswick is a little bit Safer, one day at a time. I will still keep this petition up for anybody to see and still sign it!!!

March 10th, 2008

The Province has alot left to fence, there is still alot of sections left out so far. like Highway 11 for example has no fencing by the Provincial Government from the June 2007 start date. I am still putting the pressure on the Department Ministers and demanding answers.

June 17th, 2009

Click below to sign and read the new online petition I created in. It is doing EXCELLENT. I have advertised it and this website from the southern parts of the province to the very north and beyond. and once word gets around, people are happy to sign. If we all work together we can accomplish this task. Please, If you are going to sign and put inappropriate comments it will be removed. this is the petition to FENCE THE NEW BRUNSWICK HIGHWAYS, It has nothing to do with Education, Healthcare, etc. PLEASE IF YOU ARE A COUPLE PLEASE SIGN IT SEPARATELY. THE MORE NAMES THE BETTER. SOME PEOPLE ARE SIGNING 2 NAMES IN ONE. IT BE BETTER IF YOU BOTH SIGNED IT INDIVIDUALLY.

August 5th, 2014

Well the PC government has done nothing regarding fences in this province. if they have erected fences I would of known, and i have not heard they did erect any..... the fight continues! its election month, next month, the people will speak.