THIS WAS MY ORIGINAL MISSION STATEMENT WHEN IT WAS A DIFFERENT GOVERNMENT THEN NOW. this is old data obviously, going to change and update this soon...

This site is aimed at making the province of New Brunswicks leaders such as Transportation Minister Paul Robichaud and Premier Bernard Lord take notice of the fatal effects of building highways through wooded territory. How long is it going to take before the problem of vehicle/moose collisions is fixed? if not fixed, surely, something can be done to help bring this deadly problem to just a mere thought. Every day it seems there is an accident on NB's highways involving a human being and an animal such as a Moose or Deer. Almost all of these are fatal and another innocent life is taken. We invaded the animals territory, there just trying to take back what was there's in the first place, the end result is a tragic loss for a family and another dead animal. I often wonder what it is going to take for the Ministers responsible for Highway and Transportation to open their minds and realize the possibility that "This could happen to me!". Regardless of Hierarchy We're all on this planet as equals, every life is a gift from god.

A person cannot not be affected when hearing about such a tragedy, it saddens me every time I hear of this situation and I wish personally I could get out there and solve this problem myself, but sadly It's going to take more than just myself, its going to take all the people who care about this situation to stand up and voice there opinion to the government, whether it be through letters, emails, protests, this is not about politics, not whether you are liberal, conservative, ndp, etc. its about the human side of this issue, the sadness families feel when they have lost another loved one to a tragedy that can be avoided if the province of NEW BRUNSWICK would FENCE THE HIGHWAYS.

That's what this site is dedicated to, all the families and every person who cares about life and wants to help do something to stop these fatal problems. the Government spends money in many ways on very good things and some other things in my opinion are silly. We should be protecting our people and all who enter this province. we're surrounded by beautiful scenery everywhere we go. Tourists from all over come to visit New Brunswick and that generates revenue for the government, why cant we take that money and put it towards enclosing the highways in the province? maybe a small portion of it? it would guarantee safety even more.

I know the area in the northern part along Route 11, the Turgeon Road in the Belledune Area has been lined with an electric fence for the better part of 5 years. Sadly, this fence just consists of a stretch of highway within 5-10 KM's. before this fence was installed, there were numerous Moose/vehicle collisions along this dangerous section, people feared for there lives everytime they crossed this area, now when you cross this area you feel very secure knowing theres a protective fence along the highway for a little while. Since installing this fence only one collision between a vehicle and moose was reported in that area. and yet there were talks in recent years about taking them down if there was sign of them NOT WORKING?! well doesnt that speak for itself???? they are obviously working when there is no accidents and no animal sightings reported, to remove these fences would be an outrage and should never be allowed to happen. If they are working in the Belledune area then the government should install them elsewhere in the province regardless of cost. you cannot put a price on someones life.

There is also another stretch of fencing on the Trans-Canada Highway 2 it starts around Youngs Cove and continues up to the outskirts of Salisbury, but it is not one complete non-stop fence, it has several spaces along, some up to KM's apart, these fences are not as advanced as the ones in the Belledune area, but it is still great that they are there, but I dont understand, why start it in one part of the road, fence for 4 or 5 KM's then wait another 5 KM's and start fencing again? It's the gaps that allow the animals to come through onto the highway. they should start and not stop!

One cannot blame the Animals, they come out to get away from the notorious flies or other wildlife, they come out out of curiosity to see what the passing noises are in what was once there wilderness. We have to control the sides of the highways with proper safety fencing! I can think of a few suggestions-

-Fence the New Brunswick Highways where the Moose Collisions occur MOST OFTEN such as highway 8, 11 and 7 and if we could achieve it fence every major stretch of highway in the province.

-Extend hunting Season longer(that extra moose could have been the one that kills another innocent victim)

-Install Power Poles with lights along the highway roads (Some highways are so black at night, you dont know where your going and what lies ahead. Is the price of spending money on lighting so high that the government cant do that to protect US! the people of New Brunswick?

-Clear more of the woods next to the roads. sometimes its so heavily wooded you dont know whats behind those trees!

the fact here is that I want to save as many lives as possible, in honour of all those who have died like this before. I'm sure theres more than enough money in this governments budget to take action on our highways before someone else is killed. what is it going to take? some policitians loved one dying in this manner for action to be taken? We are all humans, we all share this planet, nobody is better than anybody else, Lives have to be saved. I can't hear about another 16 year old young girl dying this way anymore, its just too sad.


Now with Shawn Graham becoming the next Premier of New Brunswick I feel very confident that Mr.Graham will follow through with his promise of the fences. All I can do right now is keep on collecting signatures and promoting the site and lecturing to people the importance of this issue and how dangerous it is. It affects us all and something has to be done before someone else dies so tragically. I will help in anyway that I'm needed. Im out there everyday promoting, I've devoted my life to it in such a sense, Its taken over me, I enjoy creating signs, handing out little slips of paper with the website address on it, travelling at night and day finding the right spots for people to see the URL. It gives me joy to know that I'm working towards the goal of saving peoples lives and the animals lives. With the new Government coming in, I believe Mr.Graham will listen to us New Brunswicker's and fence the highways to protect us when we travel, Not only New Brunswicker's but Tourists from all parts of the world as well. But Most importantly, In Memory of all those who have lost there lives to these collisions there memory will never fade. they will live on forever. Time will tell what is going to happen, but Hopefully He keeps his promise and the end results speak for themselves. The new government, this is still aimed at you, you are the ones in power, you can make the decisions to do this. Its your call and I'm begging you to make the right one!


MAY 2009. Yes fencing commenced in Different parts of the Province in June 2007, But there is still lots to be done. My quest continues for as many areas to be fenced as possible. My area of focus right now is Highway 11 in the north Belledune to Campbellton area. a VERY high risk area.