Below are some pictures from 2001 taken near the Turgeon Road in Belledune which is in the northern part of the Province on Highway 11. A small section of highway that was fenced in since September 2000 by a company called electrobraid(More on the stats of this fence and the company below the pictures). I've blurred the people out for Privacy purposes, These pictures show a Moose entangled in the fencing which after some struggle with the men present trying to help free it, it was able to free itself from the fencing to return to the wild. This is VALID PROOF that these fences work, if that fence was not there, it surely would of ran onto the highway causing a Collision. As you can see this is not a small animal, Moose can weigh up to 1000 LBS. and more. This is undeniably serious. The Rest of the Province needs to be fenced.

this is taken from the electrobraid website at

ElectroBraid™ is a durable, permanent electric fence which can be easily relocated. It is very cost-effective to exclude deer, moose, elk, caribou, bear, coyote and other animals from crops, airfields and highways.

Developed to contain horses safely, ElectroBraid™ has particular value for wildlife management. Field trials confirm that all animals see ElectroBraid™ clearly. Each investigates with its nose first, receives a painful, but harmless shock, and has no further desire to approach the fence again. Unlike high tensile wire (which animals don’t see) and other electric fences, ElectroBraid™ is strong and resilient - - animals can’t break it!

In the fall of 2000, ElectroBraid™ was installed on five kilometers of highway, north of Bathurst, NB. The selected highway has one of the highest moose/vehicle collision rates in the province, including at least one human fatality. The project is administered by a Working Group of Provincial and Municipal government officials. For almost two years, there has not been one motor vehicle accident and not one sighting of a moose, deer or bear inside the ElectroBraid™ Fence. Total exclusion of moose and deer since Sept. 2000 on a high accident rate section of highway in northern NB.

ElectroBraid™ highway fencing costs about US$10,000 per mile, installed. Fenced both sides, the cost would be about US$20,000 per mile, installed, even in terrain that is rocky and uneven.

During the first two years, there has been virtually no fence repair. Cutting weed growth along the fence line has been the only maintenance required (typically, once a year with a manually operated “weed-eater”).

No animal has wandered onto the highway, to enter the ElectroBraid™ fenced corridor, from either open end of the fenced section. All animals appear to respect the ElectroBraid™ and stay well clear of it. They seem to fear the prospect of being trapped between two lines of Braid™.

ElectroBraid™ is both a psychological deterrent and a resilient, physical barrier. Deer can jump a 12-foot barrier deer fence. Yet a 4-foot high ElectroBraid™ fence was more than 99% effective in excluding deer from feeding on fresh kernel corn in trials by the USDA National Wildlife Research Center.

ElectroBraid™ is highly visible. Instead of accidentally running into the fence, and breaking it, animals clearly see ElectroBraid™. Every animal investigates first with its nose! One severe shock discourages it from investigating further.

When an animal approaches an ElectroBraid™ fence, it is inclined, first, to try to go under the bottom Braid™ or, alternatively, to step between two strands of Braid™. If the Braid™ is closely spaced, it will check one strand of Braid™ with its nose. Even deer never seem to want to jump it. Deer will only jump ElectroBraid™ in fear for life, such as when chased by a predator, or a man in a truck. In that case, invariably, the deer keeps right on going and jumps out the other side.

ElectroBraid™ is strong and resilient, like the ropes in a boxing ring. Even a bull moose can tangle its horns in ElectroBraid™, and cannot break it. A horse can hit ElectroBraid™ at full gallop and be bounced back; neither the horse, nor the Braid™ is damaged.

Animals, from big to small, respect ElectroBraid™. Elephants hate electric shock. Bears can’t break ElectroBraid™ and, once shocked, leave ElectroBraid™ alone. Herds of buffalo bison and migrating caribou can be effectively controlled.

Wolves, coyotes, wolverines, alligators, iguana, pigs, skunks and raccoons all respect ElectroBraid™. Every animal investigates first with its nose, gets shocked and stays away.


THIS FENCE IS AMAZING AND IT WORKS.I've touched it once and it was enough to make me stay the heck away. Since 2000 there has been virtually no incidents reported in the fenced section, yet in spots where there is no fences there have been. proving once again, these fences are SIMPLY AMAZING. I know everytime I travel that section of the highway on my way to my hometown I feel totally safe because you can see the fences and you know they are there to save your life. as the pictures prove above, A moose did get tangled in it preventing it from running onto the highway but it did not destroy the fencing, proving its durability and resistence.