Over the years, myself and many family members have had some encounters with animals on the highways, of many types, from the smallest ones like squirrels up to moose, deer and even bears. besides all that you see on this site, 6 events have made this site and keep making the fight just as strong!. needs new updates, I speak of the then Alward government -Arron September 2021

November 12th, 2003,

I was returning home to the north after the long weekend I remember it wasn't particulary snowy, or foggy, it was basically a cold November night. Around 8:30 PM i was travelling north on Highway 8 about 10 minutes away from the Allardville exit when suddenly a large deer ran clear across the road right in front of my car. in the blink of an eye that it took for me to realize what was going on, all i could see as i was almost on top of it was the behind part running off the road as i drove by. in that second or two which felt like forever, 1000 feelings ran through my head. after realizing what nearly happened, i pulled over to the side of the road to regain my focus and put together what almost just happened. the what if's? ran through my head. I remember thinking to myself. if i was one second faster I would have collided with that animal, I could have died. I thought about my family, how they would of felt if they had received news I was injured or died as a result of this type of accident. Having lost a dear family member less than a month earlier I knew it would have been too much. God was on my side. As I started driving again I couldn't help but cry as that was about as close as I had ever come to hitting an animal of that size, while driving. I was lucky, but sadly, far too many were unlucky.

August 20th, 2005,

I was travelling on highway 7 going north outside of Saint John. It was dark out but it was a clear night on the one way road I was on. Suddenly on the road in front of me there was a dead animal which I could swear was a deer, acting on the best instincts I had, I swerved into the left part of the road to avoid running over it which probably would of tore the bottom off our little car. As I did that the rear left tire managed to hit some part of it. luckily, I didnt lose control and managed to eventually get back into the right side. I was deeply shook up over this, who knows what would of happened had I hit this huge carcass on this straight highway between 90 and 100 km/h. I could of only imagined. I prayed that nobody else would be hurt while this animal was laying there waiting for the authorities to take it away.

May 30th, 2006,

My mother was travelling on highway 11 between Belledune and Dalhousie, near the Benjamin River Bridge she narrowly escaped hitting a full grown moose. it was on the white line of the road. she had to swerve to avoid it. she later described it to me and it was one of the scariest moments of her life. I could have lost my mother to a senseless moose/vehicle collision. If that would of happened I would of held the PC government responsible for her death. Specifically the Department of Transportation and the then Minister Paul Robichaud.

The section of Highway 11 Between Belledune and Campbellton is deadly and something needs to be done about it.

October 5th, 2008,

My wife and I were traveling on the "Old road" near Point la nim Sunday night going towards Dalhousie and suddenly there was a large moose easily over 1000 pounds in the middle of the road. it almost took up the entire road. it was nighttime and we seen it and stopped just in time to avoid hitting it. If we would of hit it I would not be here right now typing this. I got out of my car and chased it back into the woods. I had my video camera with me and got some of it on film. I'm sure it eventually made its way to the Highway and I am glad that I have not heard of a collision near this area because the woods it went into eventually led to Highway 11. let me tell you, it scared the hell out of us and the thing was HUGE, i'd say about 7-8 feet tall easily. so it's not just the highways we have to worry about. I know that chasing down a huge moose isn't the best thing to do, but I did not want this Moose killing someone as there was cars that were approaching where we were. the moose just stared at me at first but I didn't care I ran after it putting my safety at risk as I did not want it to attack my wife in the car or anyone else. it then started to run away and then went into the right side of the woods. this was by far the biggest moose I ever seen (AND I'VE SEEN ALOT) It was as if it was camped out in somebody's yard not far from the point la nim tracks. IT WAS SO HUGE AND ALARMING THAT IT LOOKED LIKE A STUFFED ANIMAL FROM A MUSEUM OR SOMETHING. it's not only the Highways. This was another close call for my wife and I. YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS AREA. WE ALMOST COLLIDED HEAD ON WITH THIS ANIMAL. IT EASILY WOULD OF KILLED US BOTH IN OUR SMALL LITTLE CAR. I know this Moose made it's way to Highway 11 and crossed the woods into the sections towards Eel River Crossing. I'm thankful to GOD for nobody hitting it and being killed by it. I have had other close calls in between 2005 and 2008 I just have to compile the list and add it to here. there has been a few.

October, 8th, 1999,

I knew a young woman who lost her life in one of these collisions in 1999. She was a few years older than me, but I remembered her from when I was younger on the school bus and how I always used to make her laugh and I nicknamed her "laughie", it was kind of a thing when i was a kid that when I seen her I called her that and she would laugh and the fact probably because this young kid has given her a nickname and writing this now, perhaps she thought it was cute (God bless her) it still makes me smile to think about it. Then the years went on and i got older and so did she and I always remembered thinking to myself as a young boy, "that girl is sooooo pretty" her smile captivated me as a young innocent boy. she was so nice to me. The day I heard she died, I was shocked, it was October, the fall, it was damp, dark and cold. that time and feeling of sadness I will always remember, I could not imagine what her family was going through, I felt so bad. I remembered the times from when I was younger, she didnt know me personally as we got older, but I always thought of her as this sweet young beautiful woman and to know that she had died in such a tragic way broke my heart, I cannot imagine what her family had felt and still feels. I visit her grave often and have left a thing or two as a sign that she's still remembered. She is my main inspiration for creating this site. Her death was not in vain.

January 3rd, 2013

earlier tonight while travelling with my wife and son on Highway 11 going from Campbellton to Dalhousie we seen up ahead that there was alot of traffic slowed down almost completely stopped. on the left side was a huge tractor trailer who was on the side of the road where theres a designated pit stop and he was reversing his rig and there were cars in both lanes stopped some on the right side some on the left. then in the middle of the road we seen the slaughtered,mutilated carcass of a huge moose. it had to have been a tractor trailer that hit it because we didn't see a car that was smashed up or looked like it had had a collision with a moose. we drove by the scene carefully the remains of the moose to me looked like a big pile of gravel in the road. from far we thought it was a person but getting closer we seen what it was. there was splatter marks for many feet. you could barely tell it was a moose the impact was so strong it severed the moose's head. my wife could see the animal from the passenger seat better than i could. I had to swerve in the road to avoid running over pieces of the antlers and other pieces of the animal. it was pitiful. my thoughts were if a small car hit this moose then the occupants of the car are probably deceased or in critical condition. I prayed that it was a huge tractor trailer that hit it. from the devestation of the moose it had to have been a large vehicle. like i said, there were people who were stopped on both sides of the road. I think It was the tractor trailer i seen in the beginning backing up his rig to drive into the pit stop on the road who hit it. later tonight I found out it was a Tractor trailer that hit the Moose the driver was not injured. It shook me up very bad if we had been earlier leaving campbellton it could of been my vehicle who would of collided with the Moose. this accident was so fresh you could see the steam coming off the carcass from the devestation of the heat and cold, the elements of the scene. that could of been me and my wife and my son hitting that moose and thinking about it right now I could cry. we probably missed hitting that moose by 5 minutes. I thanked god above for looking after me and my family. I have said SO MANY TIMES THAT THIS SECTION OF HIGHWAY IS DANGEROUS AND NEEDS FENCES.....but what does Premier David alward and his Minister of Tranportation Claude Williams say???? there are no plans for fences in these areas. well this is one more collision to add to the list of collisions that have happened on Highway 11 in the north. WAKE UP!!!!! DO SOMETHING,SAVE PEOPLES LIVES!!!!!!!!!!! this cannot be ignored. innocent people are loosing there lives by colliding with these animals. I rarely take the highway at nighttime for fear of a collision with a moose well any animal actually. now after having this close call I will not travel Highway 11 in the north at night again. this is my 4th close call with colliding with a moose. I do not need another one. I'm going to send emails to the Minister and the Premier and tell them to wake up and fence these highways. bad enough we have to worry about collisions in the spring/summer/fall season we need to worry about them coming out on the highways in the winter too! you people are in power and have the power to solve this DEADLY PROBLEM! STAND UP AND PROTECT THE PEOPLE WHO PUT YOU ALL WHERE YOU ARE TODAY!